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Jackie Star

Jackie Star
  • France
  • Artistic director
  • Interpreter
  • Stage director

Jackie Star began her professional career singing in an operetta but dreaming of comic roles she never obtained because of her "female physique". Little by little, she came to realise that the clown character is the one that suits her best.
Charlotte Saliou studied in a clown school and decided to write a one-woman show in 2004. It took her one year and the early days were difficult, working in the street and in the rain. It was then that Charlotte Saliou created the character Jackie Star.
Jackie Star is a former air hostess, the only survivor of a plane crash who gives conferences on her vision of elegance and beauty.

In 2005, Jackie Star went on stage for the first time and continued with gigs all over France and in Europe, with her clown solo named simply Jackie Star. She then founded the Cabaret Burlesque de Jackie Star with Claire Vergos and Laurence Cools.
Jackie Star enjoys the contact with the public and "disfiguring" herself in the role of her zany character.
Today, Jackie Star devotes her time to teaching clown classes in the Théâtre du Samovar in Paris.