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Gyohei Zaitsu

Gyohei Zaitsu
  • Japon
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As a high school student, Gyohei Zaitsu happened upon a mime performance. Instantly hooked, he spent all day watching the show again and again. This was to be the genesis of a passion which first took shape alone, in the privacy of his home. Until he discovered the work of theatre company Aguagala and took the next steps: training, audition, recruitment, rehearsal...
But soon enough he began to long for something more. He felt somehow unsatisfied: there was something missing in his performance style, something natural, fresh and new…
He remembered a promise he had once made to his calligraphy teacher: to help him exhibit his work in France.
Having by now graduated high school he enrolled at the University of Pau, learning French and setting off to tour France.
Even with a few shows under his belt, he continued to study in order to perfect his skills in the fields of mime, physical expression, dance, clowning and Buto dancing.


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