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  • South Korea
  • Choreographer
  • Interpreter

Sun-A-Lee then spent six months in France, as an artist in residence at the Cité des Arts in Paris. The simple, subliminal construction of her work, informed by East Asian traditions of human representation, earned Performing Dream another award at Spain’s Masdanza festival in 2007. Her second solo show Waves also won an award at the festival in 2011.

This run of success was followed by another artistic residency in Tenerife, where she continued to develop her next piece Touch!, which premiered in September 2012. Seeming to come out of nowhere (although the dance prowess of Korea’s universities should not be underestimated), Sun-A-Lee’s style is based on a meticulous exploration of articulation right down to the very tips of her fingers and toes.

The result is a playful exploration of the kinaesthetic potential of the human body, an experience steeped in empathy and aimed at audiences of all ages. Sun-A Lee has toured her creations through more than fifteen countries in Europe and Asia. The distinctive originality of her work has earned plaudits and support from prominent artists in France (Fattoumi / Eric Lamoureux), the Netherlands (Anita van Dolen) and the United Kingdom (John Ashford).

Sun-A Lee has also danced in Light Bird by Luc Petton as well as a variety of lesser-known productions. She recently lent her solo show Waves to Josette Baiz’s company as part of the highly successful Welcome programme, as well as presenting extracts from classic pieces by Germaine Acogny, Dominique Hervieu, Blanca Li and Eun-me Ahn.

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