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  • Duration: 25 min
  • South Korea
  • For all
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A sensory exploration of the intricate possibilities of the human body, expressed through “micro-movements” in total symbiosis with objects, music, human partners…

Dizzying and strangely sensual, this show is a marriage of sound waves and the irresistible energy of movement. Music, voices and external sounds generate reactions within the body, gradually amplified until they become dance moves. They tease out the minuscule movements buried deep in the flesh, waiting for a rhythm to awaken them. Little by little those movements grow, release their energy and burst forth from the body: Waves.
Choreographer and dancer Sun-A Lee explores every last inch of the body, down to the joints of the fingers and toes, for a joyous celebration of the kinaesthetic potential of the human form. She sets out to understand how these “micro-movements” can be attuned to objects, music and/or human partners, investigating the relationships between the body, space and distance.
“When the music starts, my energy accelerates along with my heartbeat. I feel the blood pumping through my veins, coursing round my whole body in waves of increasing intensity. They dance inside me and gradually become visible from the outside, in the form of movements.”

Distribution and legal informations

  • Choreography/Performance: Sun-A Lee
  • Original music: Benga (Intro, Electro Musik, Duel), Skream (Dutch Flowerz)
  • Production: Cie Sun-A Dance
  • Co-production: Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen/Basse-Normandie
  • With the support of: Sidance ; Arts Council Koréa

More informations

  • Place of capture : Centre culturel François Miterrand
  • Collection : Mimos 2013


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