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Touch! Performing Dream

  • Duration: 35/12 min
  • South Korea
  • For all
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Touch! addresses themes of loss, absence and isolation, a sense of disconnection from the world. Performing Dream tells the story of Sun-A Lee’s troubles getting to sleep with the audience’s eyes on her.
  • Touch! Absence of parents, absence of children, absence from the world... Sun-A Lee presents an achingly sensitive exploration of the themes of loss and absence: the story of 150,000 children (adopted after the Korean War, in 1954, by families overseas), touching upon questions of isolation and loss of contact with the outside world.
  • Performing Dream. At once limpid and subliminal, this solo performance examines the artist’s struggles to get to sleep the night before a show. As soon as she closes her eyes she “sees” the stage and “hears” the music and applause; her whole body comes alive, from her head down to her toes... What if this dream-state performance was actually better than the real show the next day?

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  • Choreography/Performance: Sun-A Lee
  • Live music: Jimmy Sert (accordion, clarinet)
  • Videos: Sun-A Lee, Min-jeong Kim
  • Lights: Jung-wha Kim
  • Production: Cie Sun-A Dance ; Jung Art Vision ; LIG Art Hall
  • Artistic residencies: Tenerife (Espagne) ; LIG, Séoul (Corée)

Performing Dream

  • Choreography/Performance: Sun-A Lee
  • Music: Hisaishi Joe (Telomere)
  • Lights: In-Yeon Lee with help from Beak-Hee Lyu
  • “Jury Prize” in the contest hosted by the French Embassy in Japan (2007)
  •  “Audience Prize” and “Jury Prize runner-up” at Masdanza (2007)
  • Production: Cie Sun-A Dance

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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2013

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