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Mimesis #2

Mimesis #2
  • Duration: 1 H 20
  • France - Spain
  • For all
  • 1036 vues

Zaï, Paon dans le ciment, Cia Moveo, Platform 88, Mangano-Massip, Hippocampe, Cirque Rouages, Les Éléphants Roses

The vast diversity of young talent in the arts of movement.

Over the course of an evening, the Mimesis project invites several companies to present brief performances inspired by the arts of mime and movement. The line-up is a testament to the renewal and dynamism of contemporary creation in the field of corporeal performance: theatre of movement, mime, masks, visual theatre, corporeal mime, dance theatre, corporeal theatre, physical theatre... First presented in 2014, Mimesis returns for another evening celebrating the brightest young creative talents.
The eight companies on the bill (25 artists):
- Compagnie Paon dans le ciment (Paris), Rosie. Theatre of movement
- Cirque Rouage (Bar-le-Duc), Om Taf. Mime.
- Compañia Moveo (Barcelona/Spain), Tu vas tomber. Theatre of movement
- Compagnie Zaï (Paris), Victor. Mime, music, visual arts.
- Compagnie Hippocampe (Paris), L’Île. Mime.
- Compagnie Mangano-Massip (Paris), Les larmes d’Eurydice. Mime.
- Compagnie Platform88 (Montpellier), Shangri-LÀ. Theatre of movement
- Compagnie Les Éléphants Roses (Paris), Lucy, une femme moderne. Burlesque mime.

Distribution and legal informations

A collective creation

  • Performers: Cie Paon dans le ciment, Cirque Rouage, Cia Moveo, Cie Zaï, Cie Hippocampe, Cie Mangano-Massip, Cie Platform88, Cie Les Éléphants Roses
    In 2015 the Mimesis project was supported by the Office of the Mayor Paris, and from 2013 to 2015 by SACD, copie privée

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2016


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