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Dialogues avec le répertoire

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Hippocampe - Luis Torreão

The mime legacy of Etienne Decroux, then and now.

With the participation of Company Platform88, Luis Torreão presents a conference-performance, a sort of promenade through the history of corporeal mime from Étienne Decroux to the present day; from reconstructions of the master’s short works (as well as those by disciples such as Thomas Leabhart) to reinterpretations of contemporary pieces, resonating with our times...
Étienne Decroux (1898 - 1991) created his own vocabulary, a grammar of movement, a repertoire of performance styles and a series of protocols which gave rise to a whole new technique and approach to theatre. Drama founded upon the body of the actor and the dynamics of movement. But which aspects of this pioneering work have had a lasting impact, with clear echoes in the creations of contemporary artists? Modern corporeal mime has been shaped by the vision of various men and women who lay claim to its traditions. All have crafted their own approach to theatre, with different modes of composition.
Dialogues avec le répertoire examines the relationship between contemporary creation and modern mime as pioneered by Étienne Decroux. This has been an on-going project for four years now, led by Luis Torreão and his company (Hippocampe) along with Platform 88 and other guest artists. The project is based on the transmission and reconstruction of works from the canon of corporeal mime established in the latter half of the 20th century (a radical phase in which various currents of the avant-garde coexisted and collided, where aesthetics and politics went hand-in-hand).

Distribution and legal informations

  • Created by: Luis Torreão
  • Performed by: Luis Torreão, Sonia Alcaraz, Janaina Tupan, Manon Crivellari (Cie Platform88)
    Compagnie Hippocampe is supported by the City of Paris

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  • Place of capture : Auditorium du Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2016


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