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La ligne bleue

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Greece
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Cie Plefsis

Inspired by the literary universe of Jorge Luis Borges, this poetic, dream-like show combines theatre of movement, dance, shadow play and object theatre to striking effect.

Connected to a writer banging away at an old typewriter, a blue string stretches up and away… Along it move a series of paper silhouettes, followed by a cavalcade of characters and surprising situations: a women in a long red dress picks up a bouquet, a man and his doppelganger stand face to face, shadows creep up the wall…
Inspired by the works of Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), La ligne bleue refers to that “line” which exists at the outer frontiers of our dreams, an essential feature of the great Argentine writer’s literary oeuvre. Throughout the performance, the recurring themes of Borges’ writing are evoked: illusions, mirrors, mazes, doubles... A rich, complex world which takes the form of a voyage into the author’s mind. As he sits down to write, he finds himself face to face with the demons of his own existence: life and death, reality and illusion, memory and oblivion (later in life, as his sight diminished, Borges forced himself to learn his texts by heart so he would not have to proof-read them; hence the incessant fear of forgetting).
La ligne bleue explores the singular interior universe of a creator caught between dreams and reality, examining the very notion of existence, searching for meaning and for himself.

Distribution and legal informations

Choreography: Antonis Koutroumpis, Olga Gerogiannaki, Thenia Koutroumpi
Music: Minas Emmanouil
Lights: Christina Thanasoula
Costumes: Maria Kataropoulou
Performers: Antonis Koutroumpis, Olga Gerogiannaki, Thenia Koutroumpi
Production: Plefsis Company
With support from: Ministère Hellénique de la Culture

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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2011

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