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Cie Plefsis

Do the clothes we wear reflect our emotions...?

A series of bizarre characters engage in a curious parade, each more extravagantly dressed than the last: a man in a dinner suit and top hat with yellow flippers on his feet dances with a partner wearing a rubber ring. Then a plant-woman arrives, along with a couple joined at the mouths by a cord, who seem to be weightless…
Appearances, and what they say about us, are at the heart of Prêt-à-porter; what would our clothes look like if they were capable of expressing our moments of happiness and sadness, of anger and calm? And what would happen if those clothes could transform the people that wear them? Exploring this astonishing possibility, the stage direction zeroes in on the relationship between costume and performer, the way they merge to form a single being, creating a brand-new story. This is one fashion show not peopled with run-of-the-mill supermodels, filled instead with characters created by their costumes. As if the fabric itself has been given the opportunity to live its dreams, transforming desires into reality…

Distribution and legal informations

Costumes: Maria Kataropoulou
Music: Minas Emmanouil
Lights: Christina Thanasoula
Performers: Olga Gerogiannaki, Marianna Fragkou, Thenia Koutroumpi, Miranta Vatikioti, Maria Skikou, Konstantinos Michail
Production: Plefsis Company
With support from: Ministère Hellénique de la Culture

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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2011


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    Cie Plefsis

    Inspired by the literary universe of Jorge Luis Borges, this poetic, dream-like show combines theatre of movement, dance, shadow play and object theatre to striking effect.