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Kefar Nahum

  • Duration: 50 min
  • Belgium
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Cie Mossoux-Bonté

Bringing objects to life, so much so that their appetite for life devours the creator herself.

Floating between earth and the heavens, a white cloud emerges from the shadows. The illusion suddenly disappears as the cloud is revealed to be a dress, tossed to the floor. One by one, a series of objects appear on a table… A bric-a-brac of old sacks, scouring brushes, plastic stoppers etc., the found (or stolen) fruits of years of wandering, from the street markets of Seoul, the drugstores of Pachuca, the Chinese supermarkets of Czechia… Simple, banal objects suddenly imbued with souls, human desires, animal impulses, re-enacting the creation of the World!


In a mysterious atmosphere conjured up with clever lighting and live soundscapes, Nicole Mossoux creates a whole new world peopled with mutating, entertaining, fascinating, disturbing objects. Objects which she infuses with the breath of life, before abruptly discarding them. In her hands a simple basket becomes an actor in a Noh tragedy, an old bag transforms into a funny monster then lays a huge egg, before emitting some curious green substance and coming under attack from a blond wig… In this strange new world anything is possible, and nothing is as it seems.


The “spider-woman”, Nicole Mossoux gradually reveals herself, finds herself overwhelmed by her own creations, and takes on some of the attributes of her characters… Bizarre players in this joyous maelstrom, where the only law is to eat or be eaten…

Distribution and legal informations

Created and performed by: Nicole Mossoux
Directed by: Patrick Bonté,  Nicole Mossoux
Original music (live): Thomas Turine
Stage design: Johan Daenen
Costumes: Colette Huchard
Objects: Nicole Mossoux (with help from Silvia Hatzl)
Lights: Patrick Bonté, Pierre Stoffyn
With artistic input from: Agnès Limbos
Co-produced by: Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté ; Fidena Festival, Bochum (Germany)
Supported by: SACD ; Ministère de la Culture de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service de la Danse ; WBI (Walonnie-Bruxelles International)

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2010

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