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  • Duration: 1 h
  • Netherlands
  • For all
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Duda Paiva Company

A fantastical, comical universe where a giant puppet “becomes as one” with her two handlers…

Two doctors are busy dissecting a body… When suddenly a hoarse coughing sound rings out and they find themselves face-to-face with a green monster, whose belly turns out to contain a pair of ruby-red slippers. The beast has no heart, but that doesn’t stop her coming to life… Though it may be inspired by the Wizard of Oz, Malédiction bears little relation to an American musical comedy. Oscillating between phantasmagorical/fantastical visions and grotesque distortions, Duda Paiva’s show explores the troubled waters of our internal lives. Along with Duda Paiva and his human co-star, the main character in this drama is an outsized puppet with a decidedly monstrous appearance: the Green Witch, shunned because of the colour of her skin, and obsessed with Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Behind this repulsive creature lurks so much more: the unedifying side of human relationships and impulses (competition, mistrust, envy). What is really being dissected here is the relationship between the two doctors... Duda Paiva continues his exploration of the bizarre, with a blast of physical theatre imbued with a sense of schizophrenic fun. Thanks to his fluid, skilful movements (a talent shared by André Mello) and his astonishing abilities as a ventriloquist, he brings the Green Witch to life. As the show progresses the puppeteers dissect her foam body to add a cuddly bichon’s head, before using their own legs and bodies to transform into an array of alien creatures inspired by fairy tales.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Choreography: Paul Selwyn Norton
  • Performers: Duda Paiva, Ederson Rodrigues Javier
  • Written by: Nienke Rooijakkers
  • Technical director: Neville Tranter
  • Lights/Sets: Hans C. Boer
  • Image/Video Consultant: Marloeke van de Vlugt
  • Music: Erikk Mckenzie
  • Puppets: Duda Paiva, André Mello
  • Costumes: Atty Kingma
  • Technical team: Mark Verhoef, Hans C. Boer
  • Produced by: Prisca Maas
  • Co-produced by: Agder Teater ; Kristiansand (NO) ; CaDance festival 2008 ; Laswerk Aide: NFPK+ ; VSB Fonds ; Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds ; SNS Reaal Fonds
  • Photos credits : Maurice Melliet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2012