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  • Duration: 1 h
  • Spain
  • Adult audience
  • 689 vues

Bambalina Teatre

Carmen as you’ve never seen it before, a version combining puppetry with object theatre and a festive spirit straight out of the south!

The beating of palmas and fans opening and closing, swirling shawls, taconeos, red carnations tucked behind ears, live music... With Bambalina Teatre, puppets and puppeteers are indistinguishable.

Passionate embraces, fevered “bulerías”, corridas and deadly duels. All this and so much more…

Their latest creation revisits one of the most universal and endearing modern myths, first committed to the page by Mérimée and subsequently immortalised in Bizet’s opera: Carmen. In the hands of this celebrated Spanish puppetry and object theatre company, the classic tale becomes a visual and musical spectacle packed with irony and humour. The Valencia-based troupe do away with hoary cliché to offer a cutting, original perspective on the universal themes of womanhood, seduction, social rules and transgression and, of course, the power of machismo…

Distribution and legal informations

Lights: David Durán
Text: Jaume Policarpo
Puppets and accessories: Jaume Policarpo, Ximo Muñoz
Live music composed by: Josep Mª Zapater
Recorded music composed by: Óscar Jareño
Performers: David Durán, Merce Tienda, Josep Maria Zapater

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2011