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Gregor Wollny

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Gregor Wollny

This silent clown transforms folding yardsticks and other everyday objects into tools of poetic expression, as he fights back against the evils of the world with humour, wonder and imagination.

Up on the stage a lanky figure in a suit and tie, topped off with a hat, looks a little lost… In his hands he cradles a folding yardstick, which soon begins to take on a variety of unexpected forms, transforming into a fishing rod, a spare tie, an umbrella, a pneumatic drill, a boat… and even a giraffe, a lion, a dog on a lead, a fluttering butterfly…

Thoroughly charming and slightly mad, Gregor Wollny is a clown, mime, magician and juggler who has a lot to say for himself, but prefers to keep his mouth shut: in this case, silence really is golden. Not one superfluous element. Gregor is a lovable klutz in the same mould as Jacques Tati, Harpo Marx and Charlie Chaplin, fighting against the evils of the world and creating comedic fireworks in the process. In this show he revisits some classic gags, which have lost none of their charm: a suitcase suspended in mid-air, a balloon flying across the stage, a chair collapsing under the weight of the poor artist…


A sure-fire hit with younger audiences, with plenty for adults to enjoy too

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Created and performed by: Gregor Wollny

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  • Collection : Mimos 2010

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