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Rien à dire

  • Duration: 1 h 10
  • Spain
  • For all
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A solitary character in a world beyond his comprehension, Leandre invites us into his home. Sweetness, poetry and laughter ensue as this unusual character reveals his foibles, his dreams and his demons, inviting the audience to share a moment out of time…

A house with no walls, just a front door. A haunted house, with monsters in the cupboards, an empty coat hanger for a wardrobe, a wobbly table and an unruly chair…

Four pieces of furniture and a door. A house without walls, open to the audience. A strange structure, full of holes or portals to the absurd, teeming with imaginary spectators, inhabited by a solitary clown, haunted by countless ghosts. In this house full of holes socks take flight, umbrellas rain down, mirrors talk back, lamps run away, surprise packages emerge, pianos have a mind of their own and silence becomes music...

Rien à dire is the story of a funny, touching character surrounded by chaos and strange presences, adrift in a world beyond his comprehension. He has no need for words: his body says it all. Leandre’s humour never fails him, and his irony is always bittersweet.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Director / Costume designer / Performer: Leandre Ribera
  • Stage designer: Xesca Salvà
  • Décor: Josep Sebastia Vito “Lagarto”, Gustavo De Laforé Mirto (El taller del Lagarto)
  • Costume: Leandre
  • Lighting: Marco Rubio
  • Music composed by: Victor Morato
  • Musicians: Maria Perera, Francesc Puges, Pep Moliner, Jordi Gaspar, Frederic Mira, lda, Sergi Sirvent, David Domínguez
  • Produced by: Agnès Forn
  • With support from: INAEM

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2015