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Bleu Violon

  • Duration: 1 h 20
  • France
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Le Boustrophédon

A funny, quirky, moving reflection on humanity…

In an enclosed space, a collection of characters must live together. Cohabitation proves to be a challenge: they spy on each other, help each other, fight with each other, and play tricks as cruel as they are funny…
Are any subjects off-limits for comedy? The ravages of war? Deformity? Alzheimer’s disease? Maybe, but the important thing is to laugh in spite of it all. After tackling topics including war, disability and ageing, all through the medium of puppetry, the actors of Le Boustrophédon theatre company turn their talents to animation to examine the theme of captivity and the chains which bind us, while avoiding the temptation to tip over into aesthetic cliché. While the tone remains quirky, the company has always excelled at treating serious subjects with a subtle blend of sensitivity, humour and lightness of touch. Bleu Violon is no exception, combining burlesque theatre, music and, above all, an astonishing mixture of human actors and cartoon characters. To breathe life into this fable on the delicate coexistence of two different groups (with its humiliations, but also its moments of solidarity), Le Boustrophédon offers up an original, innovative exploration of the power of imagery: their films are projected onto walls, objects and clothes, acting as a counterpoint to the text, the actors (both real and animated) and their fleeting emotions.
An original, occasionally uncomfortable cocktail, where technology becomes a tool for imagination, emotion, reflection and laughter, and hope in humanity is never lost. While the violin (a symbol of prison) may be blue, this vision of captivity also offers a tantalising glimpse of blue skies…

Distribution and legal informations

Collective creation

  • Director: Christian Coumin
  • Animated films directed by: Romain Blanc Tailleur / La Ménagerie with help from Raphaël Lerays
  • Video techniques (advice and system design): Olivier Tarasse, Alain Chaix
  • Collective musical creation directed by: Daniel Masson
  • Scenery constructed by: Fabien Megnin, Franck Breuil
  • Sound design: Jacques Rossello
  • Performers: Juliette Hulot, Héloïse Biseau, Daniel Masson, Romain Delavoipière, Alan Leborgne
  • Produced by: Le Boustrophédon, in partnership with La Ménagerie animation studio
  • Co-produced by: Scène Nationale d’Albi; Coproduction et création au Théâtre d’Arles, Scène conventionnée pour les nouvelles écritures; CIRCa, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque (Auch, Gers, Midi-Pyrénées); Théâtre de Fos/Scènes et cinés Ouest-Provence; Arts vivants en Vaucluse/Auditorium Jean Moulin, Le Thor; FACM/Festival Théâtral du Val d’Oise, Pontoise; Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat / Association Regards et Mouvements, Usson-en-Forez
  • Made possible by: DGCA/Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication; CNC/DICREAM; Région Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées; Conseil départemental de la Haute-Garonne; Conseil départemental du Val d’Oise
  • Residency grants: Cap Découverte/ SMAD, Le Garric; Ville de Castanet-Tolosan; CIRCa, Auch; Théâtre de Fos/Scènes et Cinés; La Palène, Rouillac; Théâtre d’Arles; Arts vivants en Vaucluse/Auditorium Jean Moulin, Le Thor; La Petit Pierre, Jégun; L’Été de Vaour; L’Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat/Association Regards et Mouvements, Usson-en-Forez
  • Photos credits: Francis Aviet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2016


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