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Cie Falsa Imago

Cie Falsa Imago
  • 2003
  • Great Britain

Aude Tournay and Igor de Quadra, co-founders and directors of Falsa Imago, both studied corporeal mime at the Ange Fou theatre school, before starring in a number of Ange Fou productions. During this period, Igor de Quadra created his first solo show, and Aude Tournay worked on the choreography of a musical comedy and taught mime in London.
Since founding Falsa Imago, they have been tirelessly exploring new ways of presenting theatrical experiences on stage and in other locations. Their pet subjects include questions of psychological and cultural identity and representation, the boundary between fiction and reality, sexuality, politics, gender, the mediatisation of our lives, intimacy, silence, etc.
Melding performance, movement, visual artistry, sound and improvisation, Aude Tournay and Igor de Quadra use their unique understanding of the physicality of action to create striking visual narratives.

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