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Association W

Association W
  • 2002
  • France

Jean-Baptiste André always intended for Association W to be a broad, cross-disciplinary artistic force, not tied to any particular juxtaposition of disciplines but affording pride of place to a writing philosophy which is resolutely open and receptive to opportunities for spontaneity and exchange.
In this spirit, collaboration and shared creativity are at the heart of the company’s artistic vision.
W: a double letter, a palindrome, the first letter in work and the start of a process ("work-in-progress"), a signature cutting Zorro-like across the husk of traditional genre distinctions.
Each new project contributes to this ongoing exploration of various artistic fields, formats and performance contexts.
Each new project is the fruit of an original collaboration, with input from multiple partners.
W also provides a platform for producing and hosting other artistic projects. 

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  • France
    Association W

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