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Stramonium 9 CH ou Les rêves à l'envers

  • Duration: 55 min
  • France - Italy
  • Young audience
  • 700 vues

Commedia Infinita

A "cartoonish" and mischievous show about sleep, combining action theatre and object/puppet manipulation in a delightful mockery of insomnia.

A whimsical twist of fate obliges Hermine and Marmotte to share the same bed for one long night. One can't sleep and the other's eyelids are drooping. Strangers, but not for long. Confronted with the unknowns of the night, they quickly join forces, even becoming friends. Friends for a night, friends for life...

Subject to insomnia, Anna Moraschi has fun observing people yawning, nodding off, resisting sleep and finally dozing off wherever they happen to be, in gardens, subways, trains, in the strangest positions. She took her inspiration from people's funny little habits, like her grandfather with his eternal cap on his head, winter and summer alike, his sky-blue pyjamas and his leather slippers dragging against the floor. The behaviour of sleepers exudes a joyous poetry that sustains this wordless comedy, punctuated with jazz and Brazilian music and a variety of sounds.


Anna Moraschi chooses a large bed as the centre of the action. A haven of intimacy and rest, it becomes a mobile stage in constant metamorphosis, a meeting place, a battleground, a Pandora's box and a bottomless pit.

Distribution and legal informations

Design: Anna Moraschi
Directed by: Anna Moraschi
Artistic adviser: Christine Martin
Lighting: Didier Brun
Sound effects: Alexander Néander
Costumes: Christiane Cavalieri
Objects/Puppets: Anna Moraschi
Set design: Uz, Jean-Claude Lebéhot
Control room: Samuel Favart Mikcha
Actors: Diana Cavaléri, Anna Moraschi
Production: Commedia Infinita
Coproduction: Le Théâtre Eperdu
With the support of: L'Embarcadère; Compagnie Arthek; Shaaman; Birolini; Italie à Paris; Polimnia; Italian Cultural Institute

More informations

  • Place of capture : Chapelle du Centre Culturel de la Visitation
  • Collection : Mimos 2007

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