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Rounds Per Minute

  • Duration: 30 min
  • Israel
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An extremely creative theatrical proposition which uses magical lighting, video and sound to bring inanimate objects to life.

A row of chairs, arranged smallest to largest, and an array of random objects (lamps, children’s toys, balls etc.) are laid out on the dimly-lit stage. Gradually, the chairs and items come to life and begin to interact.

An exploration of childhood and family life, as told through the magic of memories and dreams, Rounds per minute conjures up a mysterious, surrealist world peopled by everyday objects and familiar childhood toys. Eili Levy, Tamar Or and Ori Drumer have created a slice of visual theatre in which inanimate objects take the starring roles. Making deft use of light, video and sound, they gradually breathe life into these items to create a strange, psychic universe: ordinary lamps become alien jellyfish floating in aqueous surroundings, or else little spaceships coming in to land; elsewhere, a chair dreams of glory and refuses to share the stage with her fellow furnishings…


This astonishing three-handed performance gives its object-stars total autonomy of movement in a spirit clearly affiliated with the exciting new wave of magic. These objects seem to be inhabited by a quasi-human life force, transmitting their emotions to everyone with whom they come into contact.

Distribution and legal informations

Created by: Eili Levy, Tamar Or, Ori Drumer
Technical director: Yuval Kedem-Galileo
Animations (3D): Eitan Cahana
Sound design: Amos Siani
Performers: Eili Levy, Tamar Or, Ori Drumer
Produced by: Nisui Kelim at Bikuray ha-Itim Center / Tel Aviv; Acco Theatre Festival
Supported by: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
With help from: Israel Lottery Council of the Arts ; the Israeli Embassy to France (Cultural Department of the Israeli Consulates in Paris and Marseille)
With thanks to: Amitay Yaish (Nisui Kalim, Project Manager)

More informations

  • Place of capture : Filature de l'Isle
  • Collection : Mimos 2009

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