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Poulet à l'ail

  • Duration: 35 min
  • Argentina - France
  • For all
  • 429 vues

Diego Stirman

A plucked chicken is transformed before our very eyes… into a roast chicken.

Diego Stirman is a one-man cabaret, manipulating objects as well as the audience. This unusual imaginary journey is a joyous cacophony of humour, nonsense and slapstick which defies description… but everything is under control! 
Diego Stirman invites the audience into his uniquely poetic and extremely funny world, with an imaginary recipe designed to nourish the mind more than the stomach. Laughing away the time while the chicken cooks.

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Created, produced and performed by: Diego Stirman

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  • Place of capture : Parc Gamenson
  • Collection : Mimos 2005

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