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  • Duration: 55 min
  • Finland
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Ville Wallo et Halle Hakkarainen

An inventive combination of magic, juggling and video, resulting in a poetic performance made up of illusory effects.

On stage, a man sitting on a bench starts to juggle. In the background, three giant screens show images of Helsinki train station. Suddenly, as in The Purple Rose of Cairo, one of the balls is projected onto the screen. Then the juggler disappears and finds himself in the waiting room in Helsinki station.
The simple act of waiting ("odotustila" in Finnish) is the source of these images where the actors skilfully manipulate the limits of reality and virtuality, where juggling and magic engage a subtle dialogue with the video projections.
On stage, Ville Walo and Kale Hakkarainen meet, present their acts in turn; and play with the screens, acting in front of them and inside them. Multiplied by the video screens, the moving objects and the actors' gestures blend together, creating a narrative unity where reality becomes illusion and vice versa.

Distribution and legal informations

Design: Vile Walo, Kalle Hakkarainen, Anne Jämsä
Directed by: Vile Walo, Kalle Hakkarainen, Anne Jämsä, assisted by Katarina Mc Alester, Micke Rejström
Choreography: Vile Walo, Kalle Hakkarainen, Katarina Mc Alester
Costumes / Set design : Anna Jämsä
Lighting: Marianne Nyberg
Video images: Matias Boettge, Kalle Hakkarainen
Actors: Vile Walo, Kalle Hakkarainen
Acknowledgements: Arts Council of Finland; The Cultural and Library Commitee of the City of Helsinki; Kiasma Theatre; Reel One Oy; Iimapallokeskus Balloon Center Oy; Art House Narri; Ari Matinmikko; Maksim Komaro; Joonas Rissanen; Reijo Laine; Lasse Jämsä; Teuvo Walo; Valto Walo

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  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2006