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NuméRo d'ObjEt

  • Duration: 50 min
  • France
  • For all
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Marie Lenfant

Inspired by graphic novels, this irreverent duet explores social conformism and our relationship to otherness…

In a cramped space (an office?), two characters (colleagues?), draped in strange overcoats which almost cover their heads entirely, launch into a strange ballet, moving to the rhythm of the ticking clock … Modern society holds up a merciless mirror to us all, and from time to time we all worry that our reflection won’t match… In NuméRo d’ObjEt, Marie Lenfant turns her “magnifying glass” onto individual actions and relations to the “Other,” offering up a singular vision of existence. In the process she explores our fascination with appearances and the suffering of the body, constantly under scrutiny and torn by the constant duality of desire versus reality. With a burlesque sense of distance, she exaggerates the distinction between reality and the individual in order to bring them closer together, revisiting the eternal question of the unadorned body and its place in the world.

“Our bodies are supposed to correspond to the image of ourselves that we want to project, and we work on our ‘look’ so our appearance is the way we want it to be. Living up to social codes, and contemporary ideas of beauty, demands a certain degree of conformism. The image you present needs to be correct. Appearance thus becomes a second skin, a refuge, a protection, a trap. Our bodies are constantly moving in a never-ending quest for change and originality. Forever imperfect…” Marie Lenfant.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Performers: Thierry Mabon, Serge Louis Fernand
  • Sound design: François Chevallier
  • Set design: Jean-Claude Furet
  • Costumes: Anne Pitard
  • Technical director: Thierry Deschamps
  • Photos/video: Benjamin Juhel Co-produced by: Association Jazz et Compagnie ; Compagnie Marie Lenfant
  • With the support of: La Fonderie/Le Mans
  • And grants from: Ville du Mans ; Conseil Général de la Sarthe ; Conseil Régional des Pays de La Loire

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2012