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Les Noces de Trottoir

  • Duration: 1 h
  • France - Spain
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Groupe Tango Sumo

When two dance companies that use urban space as the framework for their show come together and speak of love.

On the occasion of a wedding, characters parade about discussing romantic relationships. Rich or poor, working class or aristocrats, educated or uneducated, they all come with their love stories.


Combining song, percussion and circus acrobatics, this is a hymn to love that explores the thousand facets of romantic relationships. The artists have envisaged several scenarios linked to the event: well-behaved and wild weddings, weddings of fear, murderous passion, the ardour of the young groom.

Nowadays, with people questioning the idea of the couple, with feelings sometimes exhausted so fast or lasting only as long as the passion, the companies have come together to speak of love. Not with words, but with the body and with dance, with the street and the public arena.

Distribution and legal informations

Collective creation
Direction/Choreography: Olivier Germser assisted by Eric Destout
Scenography: Guillaume Castel, Eric Jaffrenou, Aude Gestin
Music/Sound: Guillaume Cros
Costumes: Aude Gestin
Set design: Guillaume Castel
Actors: Stéphane Fesnard, Carmela Acuyo Fernandez, Mohammed Faquir, Beatriz Salmeron Martin, Denis Cefelman, Caroline Marc, Nicolas Mayet, Silvia Romero Bueno, Thomas Chaussebourg, Carmen Porras Rodriguez, Guillaume Cros
Production: Compagnie Tango Sumo
Coproduction : L'Abatoir / C.N.A.R. de Chalon sur Saône; L'Atelier 231 / C.N.A.R. de Sotteville les Rouen; Le Citron Jaune / C.N.A.R. de Port Saint Louis; Le Fourneau / C.N.A.R. de Brest; Le Parapluie / C.N.A.R. d'Aurillac
With the support of: Ville de Morlaix; Département du Finistère; D.M.D.T.S.; Région Bretagne; DRAC Bretagne; Adami; Spedidam

More informations

  • Place of capture : Parc Gamenson
  • Collection : Mimos 2007

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