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Le modèle de Molinier

  • Duration: 40 min
  • France
  • Adult audience
  • 278 vues

Cie Les Marches de l'Eté

A choreographic portrait of photographer Pierre Molinier.

A dancer poses for a photographer… Over the course of the shoot, the model transforms into a pictorial object evoking the fantastical world of Pierre Molinier, peopled with mannequins, dolls, grains, corsets and high heels!
This performance is an astonishing choreographic tribute to the painter and photographer Pierre Molinier, a pioneer of body art and erotic photography whose images are packed with contorted bodies: thighs at head height, stockinged legs at arresting angles…
Molinier’s fetish for female legs extended to transvestitism, and his photomontages, paintings, doll sculptures and textile creations all contributed to his somewhat sulphurous reputation.
With the help of dancer Sylvain Méret, Jean-Luc Terrade uses this unique “model” to celebrate the genius of a trail-blazing artist who paved the way for body art and hyperrealism. A far cry from the “polymorph pervert” tag which still clings to Molinier’s reputation.

Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Jean-Luc Terrade
Directed by: Jean-Luc Terrade
Choreography: Sylvain Méret in collaboration with Jean-Luc Terrade
Light design: Jean-Luc Terrade
Soundtrack: Karina Ketz (music by Andy Moor, Wanis Kyréatis and Tom Waits)
Performers: Sylvain Méret, Claire Rosolin
Production: Compagnie Les Marches de l'Eté / Kairos Compagnie
Company accredited by: Ministère de la Culture / DRAC Aquitaine; Villes de Bordeaux et du Bouscat
Company supported by: Conseil Régional d'Aquitaine; Conseil Général de Gironde

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2005