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  • Duration: 55 min
  • France
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A magnificent hip-hop homage to literature.

In a lounge dominated by a huge bookcase, five characters meet, debate, and question the role of books in their day-to-day lives.
Compagnie Pyramid presents a vibrant homage to literature, combining elements of hip-hop dancing, mime and inventive use of props. Index is a show imbued with a profound sense of poetry, and deft narrative touches full of humour and derision.
In this performance, choreography is envisaged as poetry of the body, with each movement a new letter: words and bodies resonate in the same echo. Dance becomes an open book, the medium through which a message is delivered (our emotions, our imagination) and which, thanks to the power and poetry of the body, opens the gates to an endless, boundless universe. For the members of the collective, this bond with books and reading has been reinforced by new cultural discoveries and the experience of parenthood: “Maybe we didn’t always appreciate the value of books as objects but now, with our kids, not an evening goes by without us reading a story. Books occupy a huge place in our life.” (Youssef Bel Baraka, Co. Pyramid choreographer).
By manipulating the “book as object,” exploring the theatrical capacities of its physical, acoustic, and olfactory presence, the performers reflect upon the impact books have had on their own artistic lives, their curiosity and openness to the world, and their personal development.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Choreography: Youssef Bel Baraka, Mustapha Ridaoui, Jamel Feraouche
  • Lighting: Yohan Bernard
  • Music composed by: Franck Gervais
  • Construction and design: Juan Manuel Hurtado
  • Costumes: Sophie Traoré
  • Performers: Youssef Bel Baraka, Mustapha Ridaoui, Rudy Torres, Tony Baron
  • Produced by: Cie Pyramid
  • Co-produced by: Théâtre d’Angoulême, Scène nationale; Théâtre de la Coupe d’Or, Scène conventionnée de Rochefort; Avant-Scène Cognac, Scène conventionnée; La Canopée, Scène des écritures et du spectacle vivant de Ruffec et de la CC de Val Charente; La Palène, Association de développement culturel du Rouillacais; Les Carmes-La Rochefoucauld; Théâtre de La Couronne
  • Made possible by: DRAC Poitou-Charentes; Région Aquitaine - Limousin - Poitou-Charentes; Département de Charente Maritime
  • With the support of: Communauté d’Agglomération Rochefort Océan; Ville de Rochefort; Musée national de la Marine de Rochefort; Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale; Institut Français for international tours.
  • Photos credits: Francis Aviet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2016