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Gaff Aff

  • Duration: 1 h
  • Switzerland
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Cie Zimmermann et De Perrot

A "live merry-go-round", combining choreography, circus arts, plastic arts and choreography, in which the characters, music, movement and scenography all interact intensely.

A choreographer and a musician transform an ordinary cardboard box into a fairground hut, their theatre. The result is an autocratic living thing that they grow with love and confidence. A few deft touches, a cut, a fold, a tear is enough to make it into a home for the duration of a scene, in which they find identity and importance. The cardboard is light, flexible, pliable and insulating. But it has the fragility of the provisional, a fragility that is not unlike human existence.


An improbable successor to Buster Keaton with a surprising talent as a mime and acrobat, Martin Zimmermann comes from the world of circus. Dimitri de Perrot is a turntable wizard and inspired composer who surfs on the waves of the music.


The two artists bring their respective worlds together to create a stage concept that produces a language of poetry and movement. Martin Zimmermann develops a unique choreographic language out of the dialogue with an easy-to-handle set that, in the staging, takes on the role of an animated partner.
Dimitri de Perrot works with film scores, concerts and dramatic music, using the sound universe of his compositions to steer and pace the tension throughout the whole play.

Distribution and legal informations

Design: Martin Zimmermann, Dimitri de Perrot
Direction/Choreography: Martin Zimmermann, Dimitri de Perrot
Music: Dimitri de Perrot
Choreography: Martin Zimmermann
Set design: Plus Aellig, Jean-Marc Gaillard
Lights: Ursula Degen
Electronics and sound : Andy Neresheimer
Dramatic collaboration: Jlien Dütschler
Artistic collaborators: Aurélien Bory, Arnaud Clavet, Alexandra Bachtzetsis, Goury, Aline Muheim, Lex Trüb
Packaging research: Claude Gloor
Actors: Martin Zimmermann, Dimitri de Perrot
Coproduction: Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne; Le Merlan - Scène nationale à Marseille; Theater Chur; Association Zimmermann & de Perrot; Théâtre associé PiuFestival- Brescia
With the support of: Pro Helvetia, Swiss Foundation for Culture; Ville de Zurich; Canton de Zurich; Pour-cent culturel Migros; Ernst Göhner Stiftung; SSA - Swiss Society of Authors; Zuger Kulturstiftung Landis et Gyr; BNP Paribas

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2007

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