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Du sable dans ma boîte à sucre

  • Duration: 50 min
  • France - Spain
  • For all
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A moving choreographed show enriched by original visuals, graphic creations (videos, paintings, archive footage) and soundscapes (music, voices, sounds).

Bringing the voices of Spanish exiles to life, evoking the intimate, interior landscapes of their childhood. Exploring the mental imagery of people torn away from their roots, people who sacrificed a part of their childhood, people who ended up with sand in their sugar pots…

Carmen Porras and Carmela Acuyo gathered a range of testimonies from elderly Spaniards who moved to France as children, fleeing the civil war. In this show they use the medium of dance to represent the indelible marks borne by these displaced bodies. The confusion of having to leave home suddenly, the cold, the bombings, the sleepless nights, the days of walking, the shock of discovering a new country…

So many questions, answers, missing answers, all explored in this striking choreographic performance. The dancers’ movements are juxtaposed with a profusion of videos, paintings, archive images, musical pieces and voiceovers from those who were there, all combining to form a moving scrapbook of exile.

Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Carmen Porras, Carmela Acuyo
Videos directed by: Daniel Cabarrubias, Frédéric Amaroli
Set design: Sarah Malan
Sound design: Hervé Villechanoux
Light design: Hugo Oudin
Musical compositions: Hervé Villechanoux, Vincent Ferrand
Costumes: Béatrice Donnadille
Photography: Helena Peinado
Performers: Carmen Porras, Carmela Acuyo
Telling the stories of: Enrique Tapia, Nellia Manalich, Angel and Juana Fernandez, Monique Deluc, Aurora and José Luis Llorente, Alicia and Manuel Garcia, Fernando Pradal, Felicidad Casado, Camelia Gias and their children: Mona, Gabriel, Paul and Clémence
Produced by: Compagnie Vendaval
With support from: Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication/DRAC Midi-Pyrénées; Région Midi-Pyrénées
Co-produced by: Circuits - Scène Conventionnée d'Auch; Centre Culturel - Ville de Rammonville; Fédération Pyramid
Residencies: Théâtre de Villeneuve les Maguelone; Agglomération de Montpellier; La Grande Ourse, Scène Conventionnée Jeunes Publics en Languedoc-Roussillon
With thanks to: Service Culturel de la Ville d'Orthez; La Petite Pierre - Jégun
Photos credits : Maurice Melliet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2008