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Théâtre de l'ange fou

Théâtre de l'ange fou
  • 1984
  • Grande-Bretagne

The company’s education work focuses on technical development and the burgeoning repertoire and dramatic traditions of Corporeal Mime, offering a comprehensive range of professional training programmes.
Le Théâtre de l'Ange Fou has toured Europe, Russia, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the Middle East. The company has produced 20 creations of its own along the way, including both original pieces and adaptations, in formats ranging from duets to grand ensemble performances.
The workings of the mind, the absurdity of life and the questions it poses are a constant source of inspiration for the company’s directors and performers. By adopting Corporeal Mime as the basis of their creative collaboration, the dramatic construction of their performances takes the form of a journey: the characters travel through a varied array of landscapes and lives, some real and others imaginary.
In these productions, le Théâtre de l'Ange Fou explores the infinite possibilities for interaction between bodily movement, spoken word, music and film.
In parallel to their own artistic development, in 1992 Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum took on the challenge of reintroducing audiences to the works of Etienne Decroux, recreating their original staging and using the Théâtre de l'Ange Fou to resurrect the majority of his most celebrated pieces (including La Méditation, Les Arbres, L'Usine, etc.).

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