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Teatro Tatro

Teatro Tatro
  • 1989
  • Slovaquie

The founders had always planned to get their families involved in their careers, hoping to raise their children in the magnificent surroundings of Slovakia’s High Tatras national park, and encouraging them to join in the creative process. This is how Teatro Tatro came into existence – an association of actors, directors, artists, partners and children. They soon became famous all over the Tatras, performing surprise pop-up shows to reach people who might usually regard the theatre with suspicion. They also developed a series of politically-motivated events, encouraging people to vote, as well as a “religiously incorrect” take on folk theatre which earned them a certain reputation in the streets of Nitra. After a while they opened their own theatre, the birthplace of Teatro Tatra.
The call of the streets was always strong, but those streets were no longer big enough. They wanted to play in every street in the world, and have their own rolling theatre to do it in. They soon found the solution: a Caravan which they built and toured throughout Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Italy and France, reliving the glory days of theatre when the travelling troupe was the only attraction in town, rolling in every now and then to offer people an escape from their mundane lives.
They also bought a horse.
By now they were famous in Ukraine, Italy and Romania. Then one day somebody mentioned that Canada wasn’t just about Olympic sports: they also like theatre. 
This led to the creation of their automated vending machine Miracle Theatre, making them famous in Vancouver and the surrounding region. More than thirty years have gone by, and dozens of characters have passed through the ranks of Teatro Tatra. All members have an honest, permanent sense of commitment to this theatre. It’s a family affair.

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