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Roc in Lichen

Roc in Lichen
  • 1983
  • France

Laura de Nercy and Bruno Dizien both teach at the Centre International de la Danse in Paris. United by a shared love of mountaineering, they began to enrich their performances with movements inspired by climbing. They collaborated with companies including Bouvier/Obadia, Kaleïdanse, Shiro Daïmon and François Verret before founding their own group in 1985.

As both dancers and performance artists, they used their work on verticality and its parameters as a conduit for a profound exploration of physicality, creating their own singular choreographic style.

After 17 years of intensive collaboration, they decided to put a halt to the company’s activities in 2001. After a period devoted to teaching and performing more personal, intimate forms of artistic activity, they have recently embarked upon the vast undertaking of archiving their work for the Centre National de la Danse.