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Abel et Gordon

Abel et Gordon
  • Canada

Abel and Gordon first met in the early 1980s in Paris. After moving to Brussels (Anderlecht, to be precise), they founded the production company Courage mon amour and produced four original shows of which they were also the authors, directors and performers, and which provided the material for a series of international tours.

They subsequently produced and directed three short films before releasing their first full-length feature, L'Iceberg, in 2006, created in collaboration with Bruno Romy. Their second film, Rumba, followed in 2007. Their third film, La Fée, shot in 2010 in Le Havre, was released in 2011. In 2017 they released their fourth full-length feature, Paris pieds nus, which was also their first cinematic effort without the involvement of Bruno Romy.

Abel and Gordon have developed their own unique comedic style: visual, burlesque and thoroughly physical, drawing upon the rich tradition of clowning as well as silent film stars such as Buster Keaton, Max Linder and Charlie Chaplin, not to mention Jacques Tati and Deschiens.