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36 du mois

36 du mois
  • 1995
  • France

36 du mois deploys a theatrical language which is almost verbal, almost acrobatic, puppet-led and poetic… a whimsical blend indeed. The company’s projects are all about finding new and original ways to connect with fellow artists, audiences, people.
Shortly before finishing school, Emmanuel Audibert began to wonder if he really wanted to study engineering as planned; he decided to take a year off to think about it. During that time, he started acting, and enjoyed it so much that he became a member of Une Ville se Raconte (for 10 years) based at La Piscine in Châtenay-Malabry. Meanwhile, he also discovered the discipline and aches and pains that are part and parcel of life in the big top with Annie Fratellini. While at the École du Passage he met Alexandre del Perugia and Philippe Minyana, co-founding 36 du mois on the back of their original show Petites Fuites. He soon made the acquaintance of Pierre Pradinas and his Chapeau Rouge, forming an artistic partnership which lasted for several years. He also found the time to stage operas for children, and a series of one-off happenings of the kind you just don’t see any more. By now it was time for another break, and Emmanuel decided to spend three years in Pontempeyrat. The next decade was a whirlwind of big tops, music and trucks. He then packed it all in once again, and launched himself into the computer-assisted design of animated puppets, an activity that still takes up much of his time today. Maybe one day he’ll go back and finish school.

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