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Emerging collectives or confirmed companies, go meet the actors of the international scene of Arts du Mime et du Geste.

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  • France
    Système Castafiore is jointly led by Marcia Barcellos and Karl Biscuit. Students of Alwin Nikolaïs, with links to cult Californian band Tuxedomoon, they were part of the Young French Dance movement under the aegis of the Lolita collective.
  • France
    Cécile Roussat and Julien Lubek met while studying under Marcel Marceau. After graduating from the École internationale de Mimodrame in Paris, they went on to study theatre, clowning, acrobatics, puppetry and illusionism.
  • France
    Compagnie La Nuit Venue was founded by a group of actors who first met at the Conservatoire National de Région de Bordeaux.
  • Germany
    Tobias Wegner’s show Léo was produced by Circle of Eleven.
  • France
    Company founders Michel Broquin and Odile Brisset define themselves as artisans of the imagination, taking dreams, laughter and tears as their raw materials. Artisans of artifice, since their work makes full use of the possibilities offered by the fundamental artificiality of theatre.
  • France
    Paul les Oiseaux is a company driven by an intense, poetic vision of choreography, in thrall to the elegance and sensitivity of movement, adept at the art of subtly hinting at things rather than facing them head on.
  • France
    La Tête de Pioche is a team of artists and craftspeople committed to experimenting and developing new concepts of dramatic presentation, melding different artistic disciplines, aesthetic ideas and stage techniques.
  • France
    Pipototal is a unique blend of acrobatic poetry and wilfully naïve mechanical allegories… The company was founded by Philippe Geffroy, a multi-disciplinary performing artist and creator of innovative stage sets.
  • France
    Compagnie Sacékripa is the brainchild of five friends who first met in 2001 at the Lido, the professional training institute at Toulouse’s Centre for Circus Arts. Two years later they decided to form their own street performance company.
  • Great britain
    Founded in 1992 by internationally-renowned juggler Sean Gandini and fellow artist Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Gandini Juggling has been a fixture in the avant-garde of contemporary circus ever since.
  • France
    Le Théâtre du Mouvement is jointly helmed by Claire Heggen and Yves Marc, both of whom studied mime with Étienne Decroux, as well as pursuing advanced studies in corporeal aesthetics and the techniques of physical performance. Their work is inspired by the theatricality of movement and the art of gesture.
  • Finland - New Zealand
    Kallo Collective is a physical theatre and contemporary circus company dedicated to non-textual performance, founded by Gemma Tweedie and Thomas Monckton, both graduates of Jacques Lecoq’s school of physical theatre with a background in circus.