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Emerging collectives or confirmed companies, go meet the actors of the international scene of Arts du Mime et du Geste.

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  • France - Switzerland
    Compagnie SLD was born from the ongoing collaboration between Delphine Lorenzo and Denis Savary.
  • Spain
    Bambalina started out in Valencia, devoted to the art of puppet theatre. The company continues to champion this cherished form of artistic expression.
  • France
    G. Bistaki is a collective of five Bistaki-inspired player/dancers, brought together several years ago by their shared love of “creative recreation”, expressed in object-based performances which often verge upon the surreal.
  • Europe
    Plefsis is a physical theatre company from Greece.
  • Switzerland
    Spettatori is an international theatre collective based in Switzerland, united by a shared experience and adventurous spirit, committed to a vision of theatre which is international in scope and unlimited in its artistic possibilities.
  • Europe
    Teatr Formy is the brainchild of Jozef Markocky and his troupe of professional actors, committed to perpetuating the pantomime tradition initiated by Henryk Tomaszewski.
  • Europe
    In Old Ukrainian, “Dakha” and “Brakha” mean “give” and “take”. And that’s exactly what Vlad Troïtsky and his troupe of dancers, musicians and actors do: they take, and then they give it back one hundredfold.
  • France
    Compagnie Lucamoros is named after its founder and shares his love of imagery, his fascination with shadows and their fantastical, evocative power.
  • Netherlands
    Dudapaiva Company is a multi-disciplinary Dutch company whose work encompasses contemporary dance, puppetry, music and multimedia performance.
  • France
    While wending its way down existing paths, Compagnie Marie Lenfant is constantly on the lookout for new ways of bridging gaps, seeking out new structures capable of connecting spaces, teams and audiences, promulgating the work of the company and fellow creators all over the world.
  • France
    In 1986, Barthélemy founded the company Kumulus… Devoted to exploring life’s harsh realities, with an unflinching sensitivity.
  • France
    Leela Alaniz, mime artist, and Won Kim, artist and former pupil of Thomas Leabhart, are the driving forces behind Compagnie Pas de Dieux.