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Emerging collectives or confirmed companies, go meet the actors of the international scene of Arts du Mime et du Geste.

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  • France
    From his early days in dance collectives to his work nurturing visionary choreographers, Kader Attou’s career has always been defined by a sense of openness: openness to the world, and openness to other forms of art, other sources of ideas.
  • France
    The company was originally formed to stage Pierre Rigal’s solo show Érection, and has mirrored the evolution of his art ever since.
  • France - Spain
    The four Andalusian dancers who co-founded this company love nothing more than opening up their art to different forms of expression, forming creative connections with fellow artists.
  • France
    Formed by two Japanese artists (Atsutoshi Hatamato and Shiny Yamamoto, a graduate of the Ecole Marceau), the Company is devoted to the twin pursuits of street performance and theatre.
  • France
    Global culture and its myriad combinations are the guiding principles of Collectif Cricao.
  • France
    In Sanskrit, Prana is the breath of life which exists within all beings…
  • France
    Founded in Paris in 1991, Le Cabaret des Oiseaux took shape around the central figure of dancer and choreographer Leng Santha.
  • Netherlands
    Theater Tuig is a company of young artists led by sculptor Marc van Vliet.
  • France - Germany
    Led by two dancer-choreographers with different backgrounds and experiences – Michèle Murray (Franco-American) and Maya Brosch (Swiss) – the company is based in Montpellier and Berlin.
  • Belgium
    Compagnie Studio Eclipse creates site-specific shows, calling upon external features to embody purity and inspire their movements.
  • France
    Compagnie Alambic, the “Dream Distillery”, has been performing all over France, Europe and the world since 2003.
  • Switzerland
    United under the banner of Compagnie 7273, Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon champion their unique, liberated approach to dance.