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Emerging collectives or confirmed companies, go meet the actors of the international scene of Arts du Mime et du Geste.

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  • Asia
    The blackSKYwhite company was formed in 1988 with a longstanding team: Dimitri Ariupin, director, along with the actors Marcella Soltan and Andrej Ivanshev.
  • France
    Denise Namura comes from Brazil, Michael Bugdahn from Germany. Together, they live in Paris where they founded the A Fleur de Peau company.
  • Belgium
    The D’Irque and Fien company is a long-standing duo that is characterised by a mutual understanding that extends to every aspect of life, creating poetic street circus and gently awakening the child's soul that slumbers in us all.
  • France
    The Les Apostrophés company was founded by juggler-dancer Martin Schwietzke, and musician Jérôme Tchouhadjian.
  • France
    The Commedia Infinita, directed by Anna Moraschi, mainly brings together actors-mime artists from the Marcel Marceau school.
  • France
    The Beau Geste company was founded on a collective created by 7 dancers from the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine, directed at the time by Alwin Nikolais, the American choreographer.
  • Switzerland
    The Zimmermann and De Perrot company creates plays out of little things that happen when we think no one is watching.
  • Italy
    The troupe of actors and artists gathered under the banner Aria Teatro are first and foremost a group of individuals united by the power of their respective imaginations.
  • Asia
    Shûji Onodera is founder and director of the theatre company Dracin-Ra (Derashinera). He was also the founder and director of “Performance Theatre Mizuto-Abura” (Water and Oil) est. 1995.
  • Belgium
    As well as being an artistic director, choreographer and performer, Karine Ponties is the author of over forty works brought to the stage by Dame de Pic.
  • Germany
    Familie Flöz is a Berlin-based collective of actors, mimes, clowns, musicians and visual artists.
  • Spain
    The irrepressible Yllana theatre company has joined forces with violinist Ara Malikian, inviting audiences to discover a different side of “classical” music.