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Performers, directors, artistic directors: focus on the major artists of the Arts of Mime and Gesture.

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  • Europe-Italy
    Choreographer, Interpreter
    Claudio Stellato is a multi-disciplinary Italian artist, graduate of Milan’s Scuola Civica di Jazz and experienced street performer. He trained as an actor and circus performer before enrolling at the Lido in Toulouse
  • Europe-France
    Actor, Stage director
    A graduate of the Académie Fratellini, Rémi Boissy has worked with Styx Théâtre, Emma Dante, Juliette Deschamps and Collectif BIB, as an acrobat specialising in the Chinese pole as well as a physical performer.
  • Europe-France
    Artistic director, Interpreter, Stage director
    Claire Heggen is joint artistic director (with Yves Marc) of the Théâtre du Mouvement, a company devoted to research and creativity. As an author, actress and director, her cross-disciplinary skills draw upon a rich array of contrasting aesthetic influences.
  • Oceania-New Zealand
    Thomas "Thom" Monckton is an artist originally hailing from Patea in New Zealand. He spent two years at New Zealand’s CircoArts school, followed by two years at the physical theatre school at Théâtre Lecoq, Paris.
  • Europe-France
    Interpreter, Stage director
    Jeanne Mordoj continues to plough her own furrow as an indomitably unique contemporary performer.
  • Europe-France
    Interpreter, Stage director
    Carole Fages is a clown artist and graduate of the Samovar school who has already collaborated on performances with an array of theatre companies.
  • Espagne
    Choreographer, Interpreter, Stage director
    Joan Catala approaches the stage as a space for dialogue between humans, objects and their environment, a crucible in which performance and work exist in total fusion with the tools, experiences and ideas contributed by each and every participant.