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Vous n'êtes pas seul

  • Duration: 50 min
  • France
  • For all
  • 599 vues

Ash Physical

A show which seems to exist outside of time, an original and unusual fusion of mime, object theatre and puppetry

You are not alone, but you are on your own… Solitude? It doesn’t exist… or does it? Or is it just an illusion? What if the opposite were true? And why not? Starting with a simple fishing expedition, Vous n'êtes pas seul soon expands to take in other worlds and characters…

Resolutely unclassifiable, this short work is as much a comedy as it is a mime performance, a puppet show and a clowning masterclass. Centred around a shape-shifting folding staircase, an unpredictable box of tricks, a series of strangely charming individuals and extraordinary characters succeed in creating a world as realistic as it is plainly absurd.

The picaresque adventures and misadventures of four characters, told as a succession of poetic episodes, unfurl over multiple dimensions. A show for children and adults alike, working as it does on many different levels and allowing plenty of room for personal interpretation and imagination.

Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Atsutoshi Hatamoto
Director: Atsustoshi Hatamoto
Puppets, objects and sets: Atsutoshi Hatamoto
Assistant set designer: Shinya Yamamoto
Performers: Atsutoshi Hatamoto, Gabriel Agosti, Yuka Fukushima, Shinya Yamamoto
Photos credits : Maurice Melliet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Chapelle du Centre Culturel de la Visitation
  • Collection : Mimos 2008