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Victor Frankeinstein

  • Duration: 1h30
  • France
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Jo Bithume

Inspired by Mary Shelley’s famous novel, this breath-taking show deftly combines elements of theatre, circus performance, music and cinema.

In the bowels of a shipwreck, Victor Frankenstein decides to create a whole new person using parts from different corpses.
But Victor is soon appalled by the monstrosity of his "creature", and decides to abandon it. The creature set out to get his revenge, and in a fit of rage kills Victor’s brother and wife...
The story behind this show is familiar to all of us: the protagonists, as ambivalent as they are well-observed, play out their tragic tale against a monumental backdrop representing a boat caught in pack ice.
The décor seems to invade the whole theatre, transforming and evolving throughout the piece to represent a mountain, a laboratory, a cemetery, a city…

Distribution and legal informations

Concept: Pierre Dolivet, Michel Lherahoux
Directed by: Pierre Dolivet, Michel Lherahoux
Stage / Set design / Costumes / Accessories: Philippe Leduc, Marc-Antoine Mathieu
With the collaboration of the Premiers Plans Festival for the original imagery
Production: Compagnie Jo Bithume
Subsidies: Ministère de la Culture; DMDTS and DRAC des Pays de la Loire; Ville d'Angers; Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire; Centre National du Cinéma (CNC) - DICREAM
With support from: Cork 2005 European Capital of Culture; Lieux Publics - Centre National de Création des Arts de la Rue / Remue-Méninges; Le Fourneau, Scène Conventionnée Arts de la Rue (en Bretagne); L'Atelier 231, Pôle Régional des Arts de la Rue; Culture Commune, Scène Nationale du Bassin Minier du Nord Pas de Calais
Partners: Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers; Festival du Jeune Cinéma Européen

More informations

  • Place of capture : Place Mauvard
  • Collection : Mimos 2005