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Vertige entre les oreilles

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Pays-Bas
  • Tout public
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Barbara Duijfjes

Never short of surprises, Dutch mime Barbara Duijfjes ventures into the world of opera.

With their irresistible sense of humour, Barbara Duijfjes and singer Marianne Linnenbank play a curious game of seduction. The latter, statuesque and superb, runs rings around the little man mimed by Barbara.
The singer improvises a musical response to the movements of the mime, who in turn reacts to each little variation of rhythm and tone.
A comic take on the eternal duo of Pierrot and his unattainable Colombine.
Barbara is funny, expressive, supple, fleet of foot and blessed with an infectious sense of humour and self-deprecation. For those in the know, it’s hard not to think of Dubuffet’s cartoons.


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Photos credit : Maurice Melliet


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  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 1998