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Une petite pour la marmite

  • Duration: 35 min
  • France
  • Young audience
  • 380 vues

Cie Instinct Tubulaire

A poetical, playful vision of object theatre inhabited by vibrant colours.

A curious-looking cook is fussing about the stage, dusting herself down, humming songs, shaking herself into action. This cook – half-fairy and half-witch – is quite a character: she pulls in the objects around her to concoct a strange mixture in her cauldron… What could it be?
A poetic, playful performance which plunges the audience into the wonderful world of children’s stories, with a mixture of object theatre and puppetry. Une petite pour la marmite has its roots in the inimitable universe of Roal Dahl, the Little Prince, Alice in Wonderland...
Alone on stage, Isabelle Tasson orchestrates an array of puppets, musical companions, and everyday objects put to surprising use...

Distribution and legal informations

Directed by: Isabelle Tasson
Sound and artistic advice: Dominique Braux
Performer: Isabelle Tasson
Production: Compagnie Instinct Tubulaire

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre - Auditorium
  • Collection : Mimos 2004