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Two Sink, Three Float

  • Duration: 35 min
  • Belgium
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Studio Eclipse

A remarkable “theatre” where water occupies a leading role…

Stretched out on the surface of the water, three silhouettes dressed in white rock reel and play with the elements. As if in a dream they drift towards us, sometimes following the current and sometimes running up against it. Because there is one world above the surface, and another world below. A world which we cannot see, which does not wish to reveal itself…
Two Sink, Three Float is a show which takes place in the river. An aquatic theatre in which water is the great unknown factor, deciding what floats and what sinks. The actors themselves become one with the elements, their bodies profoundly reshaped by playing in and on the water.
Studio Eclipse experiments with a huge variety of movements inspired by water and its physical action on the body. The liquid medium slows and modifies each gesture. Holding your breath, panting, constantly striving to stay balanced and forget the cold and wet: a very interesting set of constraints which the performers have to deal with…The unpredictable nature of this endeavour lends Two Sink, Three Float a sense of immediacy and fragility, a stage which is moving in more ways than one.

Distribution and legal informations

Visual design: Kurt Demey
Pontoon design: Colin Kassies
Sound: Giovanni di Domenico
Script consultant: Klaus Jürgen
Costumes: Rosalie Spruijt
Performers: Mirte Courtens, Simon Thomas-Train, Satya Roosens
Co-produced by: Theater op de Markt (CP Dommelhof)/Belgium
With the support of: Gouvernement de Flandre; Citron-Jaune (Ilotopie)/France; Le Jardin des Désirs/Netherlands; ZART/Belgium
Sponsored by: Aquasport Deurne

More informations

  • Place of capture : Berges de l'Isle
  • Collection : Mimos 2011