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Transports Exceptionnels

  • Duration: 20 min
  • France
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Cie Beau Geste

In this duo between a man and a mechanical digger, Dominique Boivin explores the erotic relationship between man and machine.

Like an immense human arm, the digger comes to life, moving, seeming to feel emotions, acting out a story, an opera, a dance of seduction. It rejects or cajoles its partner who, dressed up as if for a first date, looks the beast up and down before taming it.


Dominique Boivin is a facetious choreographer who likes to leave the beaten track. A child's fantasy? A desire to return to his childhood crane? This show presents an unexpected encounter: a duo between iron and flesh. Or the art of seeing a digger in a different light.


The subject is open to question. However, with the very first notes that accompany the dancer's steps and the movement of the digger, something mysterious comes into play. Like a human arm, the machine creates a tension with the dancer's body. He is carried, raised up, protected. This composite couple exudes a strange poetry.

Distribution and legal informations

Design: Dominique Boivin
Directed by: Dominique Boivin, assisted by Christine Erbé
Driver and lights: Eric Lamy alternating with William Defresne
Actors: Philippe Priasso
Coproduction: Compagnie Beau Geste; Scène du Jura - Scène conventionnée Nouveaux espaces, nouvelles formes
With the support of: DRAC Haute-Normandie - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication; Région Haute-Normandie; Département de l'Eure; Ville de Val-de-Reuil

More informations

  • Place of capture : Place de la Clautre
  • Collection : Mimos 2007