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Teach Us to Outgrow Our Madness

  • Duration: 1 h 30
  • Islande
  • Adult audience
  • 750 vues

Exploding the boundaries between theatre, dance and music, take a trip to the outer reaches of madness in the company of Erna Omarsdottir, one of Iceland’s foremost cultural figures...

Five Nordic women and one terrifying secret... Five creatures who appear ageless, possessed by a spirit which periodically whips them up into a Dionysian frenzy… Is it possible to escape madness? Fantastical and larger than life, a former collaborator of Björk and an icon to a generation of Icelandic artists, with Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness, Erna Omarsdottir continues to explore her favourite themes: adolescence, trance states, the biological and psychic changes which shape our being. In the process she dissects the extreme, contrasting emotions these changes produce in our bodies and souls. In this intimate mixture of theatre, dance and live music, she unpicks the intense relationships which bind these women together (we are never quite sure if they are sisters, nuns, witches, best friends, cult members or polygamous wives), investigating the things that divide them as well as the unconditional love which keeps them together.

Distribution and legal informations

  • Performance/Text/Costumes: Sissel Merete Bjorkli, Riina Huhtanen, Sigridur Soffia Nielsdottir, Erna Omarsdottir, Lovisa Osk Gunnarsdottir
  • In collaboration with: Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir
  • Music/Text: Lieven Dousselaere, Valdimar Johannsson (and sound engineering)
  • Story assistant: Karen María Jonsdottir
  • Lights: Sylvain Rausa
  • Stage manager: Johan Floch Produced by: Cie Shalala / Erna Omarsdottir / Esther Welger-Barboza
  • Co-produced by: Antipodes 09/Le Quartz-Scène Nationale de Brest ; Festival Drodesera/Centrale FIES ; La Passerelle-Scène Nationale de Saint-Brieuc ; CNDC Centre national de danse contemporaine/Angers (as part of a studio residency/ Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication)
  • With the support of: Norden-Nordic Culture Point ; ImPulsTanz-Vienna International Dance Festival ; Kampnagel/Hamburg ; De Warande/Turnhout ; Vooruit/Gent ; Workspace Brussels ; Ville de Reykjavik With thanks to: Mugison ; Amber Haines ; Asly Bostancy ; Michaela ; Les Bains ; Olof Soebech ; Roberto Flores Moncada ; Martin Meddourene/Cinema 7 asbl
  • And special thanks to: Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir Mæja Frænka Heitin ur Myvatnssveit
  • Photos credits : Maurice Melliet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2012