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When the wacky theatrical antics of Yllana meet the talents of a classical violinist, the result is a highly “disconcerting concert”… An invitation to rediscover classical music with fresh ears…

Four violinists, three of whom are hardly virtuosos, are preparing for a decidedly disconcerting concert…

Pagagnini combines classical music (and the talents of violinist Ara Malikian) with the humour and madness of the celebrated Madrid-based troupe Yllana. The result is an astonishing show which revisits some of the most famous pieces of classical music, mixing them with other musical styles.


Committed to breaking down barriers between genres and styles, Yllana reinvent the concept of a recital and invite the audience – music experts or not – to think differently about classical music.


A family-friendly show led by three actors steeped in the physical language of clowning, dance and mime, deploying a flurry of gags and improbable noises to achieve an incredible rate of laughs-per-minute (and all without doping). In their quest for the record they use all sorts of tricks, and of course the audience has a crucial role to play. Three wacky characters imbued with the anarchic spirit of Jango Edwards, and a dash of Pythonesque absurdity…

Distribution and legal informations

Created by: Yllana and Ara Malikian
Directors: David Ottone, Juan Ramos
Musical Director: Ara Malikian, assisted by Ramon Saez
Stage design: Ana Garay
Lighting: Diego Dominguez
Sound: Jorge Moreno "Milky"
Luthier: Fernando Sanchez
Choreography: Carlos Chamorro, Cristina de Vega
Magic consultant: Willy Monroe
Set production: Peroni, Mambo decorados
Costumes: Maribel Rodriguez
Musicians and performers: Ara Malikian, Eduardo Ortega, Thomas Potiron, Gartxot Ortiz
Co-produced by: Compagnie Yllana; Ara Malikian
With support from: Teatro Meridional; Leo Bassi; Touch-me
Photos credits : Maurice Melliet

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  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2008