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Only Bones

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Finland - New Zealand
  • For all
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Thomas Monckton

When a body becomes astonishingly, infinitely malleable…

Lit simply by a light bulb, a character sits on a chair in the centre of a circle painted on a small stage. Slowly, he moves one arm, positions it between his legs, then, with his fingers he begins to mime a story, manipulating his face, deforming his features…

After his first appearance at Mimos in 2015 with The Pianist, Thomas Monckton, an artiste from New Zealand, offers us a new solo performance in a completely different vein: a very surprising performance using gesture and body language! On a 1 square metre stage lit only by a lamp, Thomas Monckton uses his body as a mine of energy, inventiveness, precision, and expressiveness. Between light and shade, backed up by Tuomo Norvio's electro-beat music, sometimes down-to-earth and sometimes mind-blowing, Thomas Monckton gives a stunning performance, transforming his own body into the stuff of dreams and imagination… Truly impressive!



Distribution and legal informations

  • Stage design: Thomas Monckton, Gemma Tweedie
  • Lighting and sound by: Gemma Tweedie
  • Music by: Tuomo Norvio
  • Performed by: Thomas Monckton
  • Produced by: Kallo Collective

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Sans Réserve
  • Collection : Mimos 2017

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