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Memento Mori

  • Duration: 45 min
  • Great britain
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Elinor Randle, Yorgos Karamalegos

A constantly fascinating and very physical duo of dancers brings to life the myth of Orpheus, beautifully highlighting the dancers’ bodies.

Devastated by the death of his beloved Eurydice, the poet Orpheus descends into the underworld in search of his lost love. Having overcome obstacles and vanquished Cerberus, he convinces the King to allow him to take his beloved back to the world of the living, on condition that he does not turn around before leaving the kingdom of the dead. Alas, he forgets his promise.

Compagnie Momentum and Tanya Khabarova of Compagnie Derevo invite spectators on an enchanting journey, following in the steps of Orpheus: the first man, love, death, the shades of Hades, self-discovery and a spiritual quest.

Distribution and legal informations

Design: Momentum Company, Tanya Khabarova
Directed by: Momentum Company, Tanya Khabarova
Music: Paul Skinner, Tanya Khabarova, Momentum Company
Lighting: Phil Saunders
Costumes: Maria Anastasiou
Actors: Yorgos Karamalegos, Elinor Randle
Production: Momentum
With the support of: the Arts Council England; the Prince’s Trust; Unity Theatre (Liverpool); ACID; Hope Street Ltd; MSEI
In partnership with the British Council

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Théâtre
  • Collection : Mimos 2006

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