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Les sœurs de Sardanapale

  • Duration: 1 h 15
  • Europe
  • Adult audience
  • 305 vues

Cie 4 Litres 12

Theatre company 4 Litres 12 reimagines Delacroix’s painting "La Mort de Sardanapale".

If Delacroix were somehow to return from the grave, he wouldn’t believe his eyes. 4 Litres 12 have borrowed his painting, La Mort de Sardanapale, and brought it to the stage with a little advice from Groucho Marx: “Anything that can’t be done in bed isn’t worth doing at all”.
A solitary bed is the only piece of scenery in this show, the fort in which the threatened tyrant is holed up with his mistresses, wasting time, savouring life’s last pleasures, looking for an escape route, attempting to recover enough dignity to go out with stoicism and defiance, at last overcome by the absurdity of the world.
While the war rumbles on all around, the bedroom becomes a scene of pure madness as the panicked laughter resounds off the walls.

Distribution and legal informations

Created by: Compagnie 4 Litres 12 and Compagnie Mossoux/Bonté
Original idea by: Michel Massé
Directed by: Michel Massé and Patrick Bonté
Performers: Hélène Busnel, Noémie Carcaud, Odile Massé, Michel Massé
Voices: Patrick Bonté (1st version), Yves Breton (2nd version)
Stage design: Jean-Claude De Bemels
Light design and soundtrack: Patrick Bonté
Stage management and lighting technician: Jean-Christophe Cunat
Sound technician: Frédéric Bailly
Production: 4 Litres 12, Compagnie Mossoux/Bonté, Théâtre de la Manufacture CDN Nancy Lorraine, Théâtre des Tanneurs, Charleroi Danses
Supported by: Ministère de la Culture/DRAC Lorraine, la Ville de Nancy, la Région Lorraine et le Conseil Générale de M&M
Photos credits : Maurice Melliet

More informations

  • Place of capture : Centre Culturel de la Visitation
  • Collection : Mimos 1997