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Les Hommes naissent tous "égo"

Les Hommes naissent tous "égo"
  • Duration: 1h20
  • France
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Are all men really born equal when it comes to finding a job?

"First things first, the setting: a waiting room. At the back is the entrance, on one side a door to the WC, on the other side the door used by the management.
Four men enter one by one: clean, sterile, starched.
Four characters: one wracked with anxiety and physical tics, another with a devilish smile, a cold-hearted killer and a naïve man who may not be as naïve as he seems.
Their goal: to get the job. By any means necessary.
The results are spectacular, improbable, invigorating. But, behind all the laughter, the actions and attitudes of these ridiculous, touching characters seem strangely familiar."

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"Artistic director: Jean-Claude Cotillard
Photos credit : Maurice Melliet"

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  • Place of capture : Centre Culturel de la Visitation
  • Collection : Mimos 1993