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Cie Omnibus

A moving introspection on memory and forgetting. As a true disciple of Étienne Decroux, Jean Asselin has a marvellous talent for translating emotion into action.

They are made up of memory, which is made up of forgetting. Used to their human bodies, they no longer paid attention to them. Prematurely weary of this form of transport, they retreat into the L’Entrepôt to remember.

It is a space that remembers, a place with an over-abundance of recyclable objects and materials in memory. A storehouse where characters confide in each other, reflect on their past, their present, their possible future. Five unique beings, Christiane, Jean, Mariane, Roxanne and Sylvie, who, the wiser from personal experiences and dreams, spark off images and emotions. They are anonymous, their intimacy is that of everyone.

True to the precepts of Étienne Decroux, Jean Asselin enriches the work of creation with multiple corporeal improvisations, inviting his actors to engage in in-depth introspection.

Distribution and legal informations

Design: Jean Asselin, Christian LeBlanc
Directed by: Jean Asselin
Scenography: Sylvain Paveau
Costumes: Sarah Balleu
Lighting: Régis Guyonnet
Actors: Roxane Chamberland, Sylvie Chartrand, Mariane Lamarre, Jean Asselin, Christian LeBlanc
Production: Compagnie Omnibus

More informations

  • Place of capture : Le Palace
  • Collection : Mimos 2006

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